Friday, July 1, 2011


First, allow me to clarify that I am not Native American, but, I can say that I have had a connection with our first people throughout my life. I am in spirit, ~~ Native American. I had forgotten that as a child I had a Native American babysitter from the San Manuel Band of Indians in Highland California when I was seven years old. At the time I had no concept of Native verses other races of people. I just remember that She brought some strange games or toys with her to entertain us. My brother was only 2 years old then and probably has no recollection of these toys which were Native American. The toy involved a hoop and some small poles. I researched it and I believe it is the image of the toy and game below:

Nearly all Native American groups of North America have a game they play with a hoop and a pole. Natives of different groups have their own special ways to play the Hoop & Pole Game, but in all the games a person tosses a dart of some kind at a circular hoop. People of the Grosventre use a net of buckskin lacing.

I remember going with my father to take our native babysitter home one night and recalling that she lived on the reservation. The impression I got as a child was that they lived in shacks. Now the reservation has huge homes and is wealthy from the San Manuel Casino which has been built there. I am pleased that our natives can live as comfortable as they choose but I am sure that some tribe members may have lost sight of what the real treasures are in life. I am also certain there are many still in touch with the Indian way of life in all its simplicity.

I remember the TV series "The Lone Ranger" and I always wanted to be Tonto, the faithful companion of the Lone Ranger. Tonto was played by Native American, Jay Silverheels.

While studying in Greece, I took the summer off to work in Munich, Germany and met a Native American where I was working. We became close friends.

More recently I was blessed by knowing a Chief through He lives in Southern California and we met. We smoked a health pipe together which was something I will never forget. His name is Chief RunningFox Moss. Here is a photo of him:

My dear friend and brother, may the Great spirit keep you in his arms of good health

When I came across this video below I teared and had to share it with you as it represents the beauty of the Native American. They celebrate life with dance and dress! Dance is a form of prayer.

The Native spirit comes through their dress and dance. Each movement each ornament, each sound has a purpose relative to their connection with Mother Earth and the Creator also known as the Great Spirit. Such passion and devotion for all creatures. Their dress symbolizes all life on Earth.

I identify so much with this poem written by a Native Woman living alone in Juneau Alaska, a member of the Tlingit Nation/Raven Moiety/Dog Clan.


Today, I am more native than yesterday,
I didn't hurry so fast, running from my past,
I sat real still when I was alone,
didn't have to call someone on the phone,
listening to the silence until my head heard,
my heart speaking to me....
And my heart spoke of purpose in my life,
of seeking integrity in myself,
of walking a solitary path of peace,
seeking harmony instead of wealth,
of seeing the strength in a prayer,
sharing with my children the power there,
of honoring everything that is alive,
being one with nature, not strife....
On this journey I walk,
my heart continues to talk,
turning me into what I was born this day,
for I am more Native than yesterday....
~Melody Jackson~

May we all live true to the preservation of the beauty our Creator bestowed us, our Mother Earth! To treat all as equal and take no more than we need from the treasures we have been given. Be in Peace and Unity


  1. A beautiful and touching site.
    Wonderful tributes to our Native Americans Stephen.
    Blessing to all of them and you and yours.

  2. Thank you Mandi for visiting. Hopefully you will visit whenever you can!

    Blessings to you!


  3. Stephen, your blog is beautiful and inspirational.
    I would like to know if it is ok to provide a link to your site on my Ning network, Reiki With Tweetles Love?
    love & light,

  4. Absolutely! Thank you for your witness of my message!

  5. Stephen this is a wonderful post. To be sincere my knowledge upon American Natives history is very poor, but I strongly believe it must have been a nation full of wisdom and pride.
    Thank you for making me be more interested upon this issue and I will do some research because I feel these real Americans had a very high and spiritual culture.
    Hugs Athanassia

  6. Stephane thanks for sending me the link too. It's really interesting blog.
    Appreciated, Demetra