Saturday, April 19, 2014


I have for over two months now an eternal battle going on distracting my  energy From where it comes  Helping others can help you find your positive energy of life.

Easter is knocking at our door. Passover has just pasted over. A great time to be alive. There is no time to waste positive energy.

Please accept this greeting of love and thankfulness. Take advantage of celebrating this love!

Friday, February 21, 2014

~~~ PATHOS ~~~

Pathos is a Greek word for passion. One of the most important words in my lexicon. I feel passion is the driving force behind all pursuits in our life. Passion produces an energy that  enhances expressions of humanity.

"To live without passion is like a heart with no beat"

Quote by Stephen Hill

What inspired this post was the Winter Olympics which are about to begin with opening ceremonies in Sochi  Russia.   I have been watching the interviews with the athletes, not just from the US but from around the world. Heart wrenching stories  about preparations for the Olympics and what the families go through to  help the hopeful Olympians. In each interview  the word Passion was spoken. That it takes Passion to be the best at the sport of choice. 

I was blessed to have worked at the Olympic village in Munich Germany  and at first hand see the passion in the eyes of the Olympians from around the world. I worked for the Kempiski hotel chain and we fed the athletes. 

Passion can be contagious when sharing with others. This is the "secrete " Ingredient  for life in general. I am a very passionate person. I never hesitate to cry when someone or something moves me.

I have told my kids that in life that they should find something  they are passionate about and do it as a job and get paid for doing something you love to do. 

Allow your passion to be expressed. Allow others to see your passion. Witnesses to such passion are necessary  to gain inspiration to purse one's goal to achieve in life.

The Olympics can serve as an opportunity to unite all people on this planet as, separated only by the colors of their flag. 

Attached below is a video I used in the last time I posted about the Olympics. Dedicated to the mothers who were the driving force behind their kids achievements with passion. 

Let us all unite all humanity with Pathos

Love and Light to you all!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

~~~~ LIVE IN THE NOW ~~~~

Heraclitus is one of my favorite Greek philosophers. His philosophy predates Socrates. He is from the Greek city of Ephesus 

One thing I really  respect in  Heraclitus' Philosophy  is that he has been known as a philosopher linked to Mother Earth. He believed that all things are one. Where have we heard this before? He is also known as the Weeping Philosopher." He was not able to complete some of his works  because of  his Melancholia.

Everyone of us has memories from the past. What many of us do not realize is that things are ever changing and are not what they were last experienced. They can be construed in a positive or negative way. What is confusing is  that the past is part of us and contributes to who we are today.

The assignment given to us at birth is to understand who we are and how we are evolving. This can be quite challenging as everything we see is changing before our eyes. We just may not be in tune with the moment. Everything is in motion.

Here are some simple examples of our evolution: Old relationships: We all evolve  not just on the surface. Sure, ~~ we are older on the surface, with  wrinkles , but more importantly are the changes within.    It is like when we revisit our elementary school and old neighborhood only to find that they are  no longer there. or maybe now stands a mall.

Many of us hang on to the past and find it difficult to let go. That can come from painful memories. There are also memories that were beautiful and we wish they could be experienced as when we first experienced them. Not possible. We can try to replicate them and maybe on the surface they look the same. Not possible because we are not the same. However, ~~ maybe you not seeing the differences.

Insight is  a gift everyone is born with. We simply have to open what some of us may call the "Third Eye"

We can sit and daydream or we can appreciate the moment we are in. We only have the "NOW". yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not ours yet.

We may have a favorite camping spot we go to in the summer. We find our favorite campsite under that old tree, or nearby stream or river, but none of this is the same as each time before.

Except that everything is in motion  and grasp the beauty around us and in us. doing this makes our todays and tomorrows much more beautiful.

"For those who are awake there is one common universe"

Quote from Heraclitus

Embrace the now and remain positive, whatever comes your way. ~~ thus,  your tomorrow will be more blessed. 

Love and light to all!


Sunday, January 19, 2014


We humans have an internal battle and challenge inside us from birth. Some Theologians call this condition as 'Original Sin" inherited from Adam and Eve. Regardless, the battle going on inside all of us will follow us to the afterlife.

How can we deal with this condition? The secret word is "Choice" Theologians may call this  "FREE WILL"  gifted to us by the Creator.

This post will not address environmental and social influences. I am focusing on the choices we make the moment we start our every day activities. We can arm ourselves  with positive affirmations and always see good in people,  whether we know them or not. We can control our emotions or just sit there and complain about how unfair life is to us  which causes us to be angry.
I, myself, have been the greatest violator of my own spiritual teaching on occasions. One thing is certain, That which you strive for you can achieve.

You have to believe you are in control of your own "destiny" even I tend to forget that "it is not about not getting hit to the ground by life , but how we get up from the fall"

Paraphrase Quote from unknown source.

What I find that helps the best is create little goals  in life to achieve to help make you a better person with no anger.

The above image reflects the Wisdom of our first people with from the Cherokee Grandfather teaching his grandson. In his response to his grandson's query he replied "The wolf you feed" will win the battle. In other words,  ~~ feed the energy that will take you to a higher level of peace, love and serenity.

The video below provides some visuals and chanting which enhance the message. Native people story telling is very powerful. Yes, -- this was and is the pulpit of their church.  Mother Earth!

Receive what comes your way in a positive manner. Do not be critical of the trail set before you as you have not been through all the bends in the road. Believe that there is a divine purpose for all that envelopes you in this beautiful life! Ithica is waiting for you!  

Love and light to all! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


This post was inspired by the Disney movie "Saving Mr. Banks". A story shared with the world first, with a book, then with a movie  as we know as "Mary Poppins".

Little did anyone realize that the book was really an account of a little girl growing up in Queensland Australia with her family and the relationship between her and her father. A movie many of us grew up with and loved so much. Now comes the story of the author of the book. A totally different inspiration than we came to know about Mary Poppins. It is now a story of   the little girl who wrote her feelings about her childhood full of disappointments and tragedies. Mary Poppins in real life was a nurse, not a Nani.  A nurse to save her father, but could not.

I cried more than a few times during the movie as I can identify with my own father and what I went through in my childhood.

Disney was genius! As usual. A champion for children, a child himself, as previous posts reflect

All of us have a "Mr. Banks" in our young life. He maybe a father, a mother, a family member, even a friend. Is it  true that pain does fill the pen with ink. as in the case of P.L. Travers ( the author of the book). She found refuge from her pain by writing about it. It was The making of the movie based on her book that caused her to confront her past. She had become a grumpy hurt soul who was only revived  when Disney tracked her down in London and shared his personal challenging past. Unfortunately  I could not find a video of the full dialog between Disney and  P.L. Travers in this scene. It is such a great dialog. It addresses my message like none other. If anyone finds that full dialog please let me know so I can include it in this post.There are short references made in the Trailer which I added to this post.

Essentially Disney talks about delivering news papers twice a day in icy cold weather. Among other things that were painful growing up. His father was in the newspaper business. The point being that every one has challenges in life and have to deal with them on a daily basis.

Is it not coincidental that I was a newspaper boy who delivered newspapers early in the mornings before going to school? When my bike broke down my parents said I would have to fix it myself. I had to pay for it with the little money I made from delivering papers.needless to say I did not have the money. I ended up carrying them on my back, walking for many months. Had to walk with the papers on my back over 5 miles each morning and then walk to school about another 2 miles each way. I actually slept in the garage the last year or two before leaving the house and my family.

I was sort of adopted by A Lutheran priest and his family in Banning California. From there I went straight to Greece where I lived and studied for six years. I hated my father and the day I left my family was the day I had raised my fist at my father, ready to fight him. My mother separated us and from that moment I left to live my last months in the US with a Reverend  Kecks and his family in Banning, California,  never to see my family again until I returned from Greece. I was 17 years old then. 

When I came back from Greece my father was a changed man. I could and did love him before his passing to the afterlife.

I am in the middle of my own autobiography now.

I am certain we all have such painful experiences with either friends or family. Some of you just naturally will write about your past. I suggest you all set down and write about your pain from the past. Trust me when I say it will be healing.

Below is the video of the movie

May you in spirit reunite with your  Mr. Banks and find forgiveness in your heart, if not already done. Free yourself

Love and Light

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Depression during the Holidays unfortunately is common. ~~  However, the good news is, ~~ that it can be completely curable with our  own energy. All too often we are focused on social structures and symbolism that do not address the spirit. We remember our childhood  which may contribute to how we share our holidays as a parent.

Depression is a sign that the spirit and mind have disconnected and we need to reconnect with spiritual remedies. 

I offer the following remedy for Holiday Depression:

Before I offer the list, ~~  first and foremost ~~ take no anti-depression pills or any chemical medication. It would be like putting a pill in the bark of a tree which is dying. It simply does no good. The tree needs nature made attention as do humans. You do not want to live in a world of chemicals that might give you temporary comfort. In the end you are doing more harm than good

1). Do not think about money.  Whatever a gift may  cost If you  do not have the money  for it ~~~  forget about purchasing it. There is no gift better than a hug and the words, "I love you" to anyone.

2). During the Holidays you may have more time to take walks which can be done every day of the year, not just during the holidays.  Walking is nutrition   for the body and spirit. It makes us feel alive with a purpose in life and that we are not alone.  Every Holiday when my family gets together  we do a "Power walk" in the hills of Redlands California. It is about a two hour walk and some considerable miles before we sit down for our gathering.

3). you can do volunteer work, spending the day helping others as suggested in my previous two blogs on this topic. Helping others helps you!

4). It is a time to also recall our family and friends who have passed on to the afterlife. Do this, recalling all the positive things  and times together. Do not focus on the negative memories. Remember our loved ones are still with us in spirit.

5). Celebrate Christmas all year  around. Regina and I have celebrated Christmas already over this past weekend. There was no gift exchanged, just a lot of Hugs and words of love. We continuously validated that were were having a wonderful Holiday season. Was I concerned about financial issues lurking in  the depths of my spirit? Yes, however I did not let them distract  my focus of appreciation. I remained positive and realized that no matter how challenging my problems seem to be there are many people who have far more challenges in their life then me.

6). while you may be in a crowd or alone, do controlled breathing. Doing this can reconnect our spirit and mind. It helps our awareness of life and there are great reasons to be happy. This a form of prayer and or meditation. I consider both a valid source of energy. 

May your mind and soul be unified  by feeding it with spiritual nutrition and your tree of life yields fruits of love, and happiness.

There can be no more depression

Friday, December 6, 2013


Here is my greeting card to my beautiful followers  of this blog

To be perfectly honest, I do struggle sometimes with these holidays. I dislike the commercialism, beginning with "Black Friday" which I like to call "Evil Friday". It has become progressively worse when in the US you sacrifice family gatherings like Thanksgiving so you can wait in long lines from the night before to get discounts on material items for the holidays, etc. etc.   Retailers asking  family members  to give up their traditional family gathering  to open their stores for would be shoppers who hopefully will contribute to the financial salvation of their year coming to a end.

The concept of embracing their spirituality during this time of the year for the most part is ignored.

Below is a link to an older post on the subject:copy and paste it to your browser.  

What is really sad is that parents and family members feel the pressure of buying toys that the media on TV and  store front widows display which they cannot afford to buy. Credit cards thrown in our faces by banks with the temptation of a higher limits they offer, only to cause financial problems in the near future. We are inundated with images of media, not to find our spirituality, but what we can spend in material gifts.

The truth is ~~  gifts of infinite value cannot be found under a tree or hidden in the house for Hanukkah. They are gifts that cannot be found in a retail store.These gifts can be found only come in  the heart. You do not need a credit card. 

Sharing love and  compassion. Giving to others who do not have as much as you is the Native American belief. Share with those less fortunate as you

Trust me when I say I participated in this ritual when my kids were young. I was as guilty as anyone else.  

There are many beautiful ways to celebrate the Christmas  season. One of my favorite activities is visiting patients in a hospital. I remember going to the Children's Hospital on Sunset boulevard in Los Angeles, California when I was in the service of the church. There is nothing more inspirational than to spend time with Children in a hospital. Getting them to smile  while they may be in pain from the  reason they  are there is magical.  Serving in a soup kitchen for the homeless  is powerful. My kids were trained to donate time to philanthropic activities and belonged to an organization called  Sandpipers in the Southern California area. 

May your Holidays be full of Love ~~  Light ~~ health. The the most important gifts of life.


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