Saturday, November 26, 2011


What motivated this post was a concert in New York in Central Park with my beloved Andrea Bocelli as the main artist. Tears washed my face with emotion and then I had to remember that life indeed is beautiful. Filled with so many beautiful people. So many people who are generous with their passion and compassion to share with us their beauty!  So many humans that are one with all, in Peace, Love and Light making our life so wonderful! Poets, writers, painters, sculptures, singers, musicians, all humans who share their passion and love!

If you find yourself feeling down, consider sitting down and think all the beauty you have experienced in life. Make a list, add to it as you gain more beauty and then when needed, take it out like in meditation and read that list and you will begin to cry with emotion. This can be a spiritual shower when you soul caresses you face and thanks you for bringing love back close to your heart. You will remember life is beautiful and no need to be down. No one can take those beautiful moments from you! They are locked in the safe of your heart and mind!


 my soul caresses me with tears~~imagine all the people ~~ the wind beneath my wings ~~ nothing in life is owned, it is borrowed~~ born free ~~ love me tender ~~ getting lost is an opportunity for a lesson in life ~~ stand by me ~~ love amidst chaos~~Thomas Newman~~ the sounds of silence~~life is reflected in movies but movies do not always reflect life~~ the fellowship of the rings~~Ennio Morricone~~the ink in my pen is the love I share~~The number 11 ~~ events in my life are my shadows ~~ Kyrie Eleison ~~ steps to the Acropolis~~Climbing Meteroa ~~ Mount Athos ~~ Anam Cara~~I love the unseen and I feel the seen~~I am one with all ~~ one knows not the depth of love until the hour of separation ~~ a mother whose ashes have been spread in a rose garden. Bocelli~ Full moon, Zamora~Mexico Sedona~my family~ con  te partir~ dancing with my Humming birds~ Dolphins talking to the full moon ~ The Acropolis ~ Mount Athos

Your reflections are like a paint brush and these key words and expressions are the colors used on your  canvass of life!


  1. thanks for the update. expressed some deep feelings in such a few words. life is beautiful. i knew it then and i know it now. 7 chakras Meditation

  2. I am blessed that you mirror my passion!