Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Every word spoken or written, every action taken, every thought created,
every feeling experienced disseminates energy from the moment we are born and beyond the day we pass on to the Spirit World. This energy comes from all living things and creatures. From plant life, two legged, four or more legged or winged creatures!

This energy leaves a footprint in the sacred halls of the universe. While we cannot change or dismiss some footprints we have already created in our past, we can harness the positive energy!

Grasp any image, word, motion that produces positive energy that you can identify with and keep it in your heart! Suddenly you will find yourself as one with all in the universe!


  1. YES, Truth dear Stephen,
    my moment to moment practice,
    to 'watch' thoughts, speach & actions...

    EVERYTHING is Energy...
    Thoughts & the space between Us being the most potent for me thus far on my Journey.

    LIGHT, Sioux xOx

  2. Your path of life will certainly be enlighten when you share with others that which you feel within. It will keep you in peace and tranquility and that will attract further positive energy.

    Thank you Sioux for sharing!


  3. Thank you Stephen for those beautiful words and the wisdom behind them :) Blessings to you, Louise

  4. Louise, thank you for your reflection!

  5. So you all know my fellow angels on Earth, This is a painting hanging on the wall in my living room and it brings to me such peace and tranquility each day.

    Love to all of you!



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