Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The following is a copy of a message from our friend, Dar. I will post on occasion the request of our followers for prayer and positive energy in some unique circumstances.

Please read and comment if you like in sharing your love, caring and prayers.

I am blessed to have crossed paths with such wonderful souls who accept me for who I am. I am reaching out to some of you for positive energy as I am feeling so weak.

After finishing a trial that served justice in a plea bargaining to the offender of sexual crimes against my 11 year old daughter, last year....., We now face another trial as the State has charged a teacher for having a sexual relationship with my same daughter, who is now 17 years old. It has been all over our local media, and he was a well liked teacher. They arrested him at the school and he fully confessed that they were having a relationship that she was a "willing participant." I found a phone on Wednesday night, that exposed what was happening with my daughter and this teacher.

links to some of the media news;

Garden City teacher charged in sexual assault of student | | Detroit Free Press

From The Detroit News:

She was attacked by a few students, today..., as I just let her go back to school. Some refuse to believe this teacher is guilty, and they have no clue of his full written confession. I am grateful he resigned from the schools, yesterday. This is her senior year and she really overcame her past pain and betrayal with excelling in her academics, with her Theater/Thespian Society, Singers, Honors Society, and DECA (marketing) where she won the regionals last year with her presentation for her school which was a first for the schools history. She has been accepted to Eastern (MI) University for next fall. However, I am trying to get her to do one year community college as a transfer student, until she can fully heal with intensive counseling. She was in therapy for two years from the first crime.

I am concerned for her safety, as some students want to hunt down the girl who did this to Mr G and make her pay. I am also concerned with her mental health, as her close friends have become distant. She is scared but strong and wants to finish her senior year. She couldn't go to homecoming from the threats against her, and she is devasted with hopes to still be able to go to Prom.

Thank you my friends



  1. humbly grateful for your prayers and LOVE...namaste

  2. You are most welcomed and much positive energy your way!

    With compassion and love,