Thursday, October 7, 2010


This clip from the beautiful movie, "Powder" pretty much sums up my general philosophy on life. We are all connected, not just as humans but with all the animals and mother nature in her creations. We are limited only by our own volition. We allow distractions from our "Ego" to interfere with the the unity of all things.


  1. Oh dear Stephen, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful blog with me! I am truly thankful for this place, so happy to know someone who can make us see through all the crap that keeps us from realizing what amazing, beautiful, astounding creatures we are. Like many people I have been weighed down by negative forces that work to discourage me from being me and it is a constant battle to be free of all that, to dance my own dance and shine my own star and my part in the connection of all.

    I've always wanted to see this film and thank so you so much for sharing this clip ~ so much wisdom, so easily conveyed and such simple truth.

    I am so blessed to call you my friend dear Stephen, and I look forward to seeing your published work! Love and light always!

  2. Sweet Beverly, Your mirror of positive energy enhances life's beauty around you. You are appreciated and we are blessed to have you at our campfire of life!

    Yes, we are beautiful life forces in waiting. May you always walk in the path of light, love and peace!

    Your brother in spirit, Stephen