Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The act of gratitude is not only a powerful gesture to your fellow human who benefits from it, but as equally important, allows you to be at peace with yourself and makes you feel more complete and elevates all your senses. The disposition of gratefulness is an indication that you have stimulated your compassion for all living creations on planet Earth.

Recipients of your emotional gifts become a gift to you. To receive from others is a gift to them. When you find yourself in a place of pain, whether emotional or physical, look for reasons to be thankful and you will create such energy your healing process will be miraculous.The love I expressed to those who cared and continue to care for me makes them feel good.

As I sat in my hospital bed in Michoacan, Mexico after my near fatal accident, I was so grateful for my beloved who also survived.  I was grateful for the caring nurses and doctors who helped saved my life. I became grateful for the air I breathe, and the saw nothing but good in people I encountered from that day to today as I am writing this post. 

The way I see it, my accident was a blessing as now I make Gratitude a way of life. I have been blessed by the gift given to me so that I may share it with my fellow humans and all creations. I thank the forests, Earth's waters, multi-legged, winged, finned, etc. for being part of my life!

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