Saturday, November 27, 2010



There is nothing more spiritual than a stranger coming to the aid of a fellow human. I was a beneficiary of such sacred  actions. The moment of one coming to the aid of another is nothing short of angelic. The love from a stranger is so powerful. That moment is recorded in the sacred halls of the universe.

The chemistry in the body of the giver actually changes as if an adrenalin rush transforms  the mind and spirit to the extent that one forgoes his own safety as if his life depended on saving another.

Yes, there are people who have chosen this as an occupation and do receive compensation for his "heroic" actions. I assure you, however, most if not all those humans are not doing this for the pay as there is not enough money to pay for risking his life. It takes a special person to accept these life threatening situations to do his job to help others.  

Compassion for all living things on the planet, whether two legged, multi-legged, winged or finned is a sacred love.  

Compassion has no language barriers. You can be lying on the ground or sitting upside down in a car seat anywhere in the world and that good Samaritan does not have to know what language you speak to come to your aid. He will not ask or care what language you speak or what  your religiosity is. You are a fellow human, that is all he has to know.

Same for animals in this world. I have seen humans risk their life for an animal in trouble. I am certain that you have heard or experienced animals saving humans at the risk of losing their life. More then likely They do not speak English or share in your religion.


Your compassion does not have to be reserved for saving one's life. Open the door for someone who may not be able to open it. Offer assistance to the handicapped, the elderly or a child in need. Your deed will keep on giving, long after the event. Trust me, I know that from experience on the receiving and giving end.



  1. Hi Stephen - not sure if you will see this but I knew you from Bellflower many years ago when you worked for State Farm. My name is Nancy Rogers and I worked for McDonnell Douglas/Boeing. You were one of the nicest people in my past. Would love to hear from you and catch up. Email me at

  2. Wow! I am so honored to have an a glimpse from my long ago past. I will send you an email. May you and your family be blessed