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Death is one event in our life which causes more curiosity, anxiety and pain than any anything other event on Earth. It affects everyone and everything that has  and will live on this planet. There is good reason for that. After all, it is perceived by most humans to be an absolute end of all things on Earth. I personally do not believe that. Yes, It is unavoidable which makes this topic the core of all philosophies and religions. Think about it for a moment. What world would this be if no one died? Thus ~~ is life a lesson for a much greater end?

Montaigne, a great French philosopher, once said ~~ "to philosophize is to learn how to die."

Think about how it would affect religions and philosophies if there were scientific evidence of an afterlife. No one has died and come back to tell us what happens. Oh, yes,~~ there are near death experiences people share with us, but we must understand each person's experience is interpreted as that person perceives  it. 

What it boils down to is our faith and hope. That is a very personal matter. 

I strongly believe as supported by science that live is energy and how that energy is spewed into the world by each of us has an effect on us and others whom we come into contact with. The soul is the energy, using the body as a shell as it travels this wonderful world we temporarily exist in. The soul continues to exist when it leaves the body. Our energy simply changes its form.

As to Heaven and Hell, this is our creation. We can live in negative energy and therefore live in the proverbial Hell or live in positive energy and live in the proverbial Heaven. I do believe there is Good vs. Evil, but it is our choice which direction we choose to take. Regardless, there are deaths that make no sense to us as to deaths we experienced in loss of family and friends.  

The following is a eulogy I wrote for a family who lost a son in his youth. I was asked to write a Eulogy for the family by a close friend who, by the way is a "Follower" here in my blog.


The road of life has many bends and curves. We never know what may be waiting for us as we negotiate the bend. That is the mystery of live. It is not for us to question why certain events happen in the road of life that are beyond our control.

It is human nature to appreciate only what we perceive as good events in our life time and be angry or disturbed when life has "cheated us".  All events in our life are lessons of life, regardless how we perceive them.

The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult events to accept and understand. Especially when the loss involves a child or a man who is 30 years old. We justify our feelings when death involves an older person or a person who died because of the negligence of another human. We say to ourselves that one death is more acceptable than the other. The fact of the matter is; while each loss is the same they have different affects on us. When someone dies at 90 years old some of us will actually experience relief and when a 30 year old man leaves us, we experience anger.

Regardless of circumstances, the loss of a loved one is the most difficult to accept. I am here to tell you, you have only lost a body, a shell which contained the spirit and soul of your loved one. This was a temporary house for the spirit and soul, like a suite case used for the trip we take while traveling on Earth. You did not lose the spirit and soul  of that loved one. The energy of the loved one is still with you! The conduit of that energy is your thoughts and memories of that beloved departed one.

Please consider this: Your son, brother, father or friend was not loved because the of the size and shape of his body (his soul's suite case) but because of who he was inside (his spirit and soul). True love and caring are not based on external qualities. If love is based on what someone wears, how he talks or how he looks, then you really do not truly love him. Do not be sad for the loss of his body.  His spirit is still with you. True love is a spiritual experience, not a physical one. The inability to express that love physically is not the end of the spirit and soul.

Embrace the energy of his spirit and find the strength  through his spirit. Use that strength for the good of the people who survived his death as this is what your passed loved one would want. Go to places and do the things he liked when he was walking the planet and you will see and feel his energy. You will cry and the tears will be his spirit caressing you, letting you know that his energy is with you and your pain will become relief and happiness. In Greek, it is said, Zoe Se Sas! -- Yes, life to the survivors! Life continues and so does his spirit and soul. 

Written December 16, 2009

When our energy leaves our bodies it remains all around us, in the air we breath, and in Mother Nature. Each time you feel your lost loved one, you are experiencing that person's energy. In dreams, in moments of a spiritual connect and so on. Now you can celebrate the life on Earth of your lost loved ones.

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