Monday, December 6, 2010


Past centuries and even today, in some cultures in this world, some people may consider a woman to be a secondary citizen of planet Earth. Having said that, there is no belief system on the planet that can say that women have not played a significant role in the history of mankind and their affect on our religiosity. While I can make a huge list of women who have made an impact on humans and their religions, the one that is at the top of the list is Mother Teresa. In Christianity, how about the "Virgin Mary? How about your mother or mine? You are Jewish if you were born from a Jewish Mother. If your father were Jewish, but not your mother, then you are not Jewish.

I have written a poem about the beauty of a woman which I share with you here:

It is through a woman, a man can be complete.
It is through a woman, the Creator sends his sacred life.

Tears for a woman can clear the path for love.
Love for a woman can make a man a better person.
The warmth of a woman knows no boundaries
The body of a woman is sacred as are her heart and soul.
The love from a woman is celestial bliss.

In that love, man experiences Peace, Tranquility and Totality.
Women are a gift to be appreciated for all times and eternity
For --- without women we would not be

Emotions from Stephen July 2009

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