Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I reflect from my own experiences how connections with the four legged creatures the Creator blessed us with are not just another friend or family member, but, are therapeutic and healing. It is not a coincidence that homes for our senior citizens have animals. Pets love us  with a constant heart, asking nothing in return, except maybe a little attention. 

I absolutely adore the four legged, the gilled, the winged, etc.  I believe I got this affection from my mother who has always had a dog since our first dog followed me home from my paper route. Her name was lady. 

I guess that is why I strive for an African photo Safari. To make a special connection with animals we do not see on a daily basis. 

You have read more than once in this blog that we are ONE with all, including all animals who share the planet with us. 

Especially when you have no human living with you, but you do have a pet, you probably already know that your connection does affect positively your health, spirit and faith. While your pet is not dogmatic, he certainly is spiritual and is an excellent source of inspiration. My brother is blessed with such a connection. 

Animals do have a keen  sense of what is going on inside you. Their presence alone can give you comfort and lower your stress level at the end of a long day.

May you be blessed by our extended family who share the beauty of this wonderful world. Your Soul Companions!  


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