Friday, December 3, 2010



Poetry is the manifestation of Passion and Compassion for and from our fellow human. Each human has an inner poet. Passion and Compassion are branches from the same tree of life and love. Poetry is not just the written word, but it can be found in music, songs, paintings, motion pictures, sculptures, or all living plants and creatures of Mother Earth. 

Often, when I find myself at the modern day typewriter otherwise known as a key board of a computer, it is usually because a connection that was made with something or someone who touched my heart. The anxiety of getting to my keyboard is so overwhelming, it is almost painful.

I often throw a spiritual net into the sea of life in hopes that I catch a glimpse of life's beauty which will embrace my heart and soul. 

From the time of that embrace until the time I am at the keyboard, my soul caresses my face with tears of passion. My soul is giving me a spiritual bath and my heart beats in unison with the rhythm of Mother Earth. The tears of a poet are like rain drops from the heavens that caress the leaves of the tree of life and love. With the tears, he returns the beauty he borrowed  back to the sea of life.


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