Monday, January 10, 2011


Being human is one of the most difficult tasks bestowed to us at birth. This was not our choice. While there are licenses for driving, selling, prescribing, investigating, fishing, getting married, etc. Yet, ~~ there is no license to become a parent. Any couple can have a child. Yet ~~ no lessons or training required.

I find this so amazing, ~~ we are given the gift of life and now we choose how we live it.

An analogy if you will, ~~ Being human is a life time job. We all have to do "on the job training".

Our upbringing, environment, books, blogs and people who share the air we breathe contribute to who we are today.

Perhaps Steve McCurry's photography ( as in the above slide show) is the best depiction of humanity at its best and worst. Humans at war, starving, abusive to each other. Abusive to our children and parents.

On the other side of the coin there are so many wonderful humans who help others spiritually and physically with the intent of unselfish beauty.

While we are people with many different appearances on the outside from many cultures, colors, races WE ALL are humans who bleed red and feel love and pain, sharing the same neighborhood called Mother Earth. 

Be the best human you can be. If you do no harm to those who share the air we breath on this planet and help those in need I would say, you are a pretty good human. Good job! You get a promotion.

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