Friday, January 21, 2011


This video about a Japanese elementary school is so powerful! A very unique teaching method wherein the goal is to teach the children how to live a happy life and to care for others. This video is one of 5 parts in an award winning documentary.

When you have time, please see all 5 videos which are all connected to this one. They appear as " up next" after each video. You may have to see them on separate visits but well worth the time. 

Frankly, this is a coarse we, as adults should take. Happiness can be achieved when we face challenges in life and overcome them. We all have memories from our childhood that we never gained closure from as we are, or were too scared to face them. 

In the company of others who care, those events in our life and be brought to the surface and we come face to face with them. When this happens ~~ it feels like our spirit and soul are released from a prison. The shackles that once prevented spiritual growth are banished! There still maybe pain, but now, it is corralled and controlled. We accept it as part of our life. 

We may now negotiate the next bend in the road of life and be happy.

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