Monday, February 21, 2011


Prayers from our Indigenous people from around the world are identical in purpose and intent. They are deeply rooted in the spirit of Mother Earth. It is no coincidence that the foundation of the Native's way of live is also found in Religions around the world. Love and Respect, Peace and Unity.

As you may know from my earlier posts, the Native Americans were victims of the largest genocide in humanity. Their prayers and wisdom are so powerful and passionate. We can all live by their wisdom and not violate any cannon laws of any dogmatic religion.

When you sit in contemplation, remember when you wake up you are surrounded by Mother Earth Whether you like it or not. You eat what Mother Earth produces for you. You breath the air  she gives you, she is pleasing to all your senses. She provides you with a fashion show in her 4 seasons each year. She has provided you with loving company with animals who walk the planet aside you.

When you respect her, your way of life is blessed by her. Take a deep breath each morning and give thanks for your life and good health you have. Pray for those who are not so fortunate and send positive energy!

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