Saturday, June 4, 2011


Van Gogh's self portrait of "depression"

Can depression and spirituality co-exist? This may be an oxymoron  (from the  Greek word, "ὀξύμωρον", meaning "sharp-dull") Depression is a state of mind which can be a disconnection with the Spirit. In fact the Spirit is the victim of this condition. An Apostasy (distance or abandonment in Greek) may develop between your mind and soul. 

Challenges in life can pop up their nasty avatar (for each person the image can be different) that can be overwhelming. They can cause you to doubt your worthiness and to question your faith. It seems you have no energy or will power to do anything for yourself. If you allow it,  ~~ you can lose your self-esteem. You start to believe all you have done for others has fallen by the wayside. You start to feel sorry for yourself. 

Guess what! All life lessons you have learned and the power of your spirit are still with you. All you have to do is to tap into them and awaken your Spirit!

A proposed remedy: Each morning when you wake up, count your blessings for being alive. Be thankful for the simple things in life such as the air you breath. Force yourself to find that quiet, favorite place where you feel tranquility  and perform breathing exercises.  Inhale and exhale with intent. Feel the life you have in you. After all, ~~ this your Pnevma!

Also taking long walks among Mother Natural on a daily basis always reminds us that there is a higher source, much greater than us. One can restore his faith by realizing that we have been given the gift of life and the creator has painted our stage of life with his beauty in his nature! 

Immerse yourself in helping others. Offer your services as a volunteer at a hospital or some  organization that helps the needy. I remember my visits at the children's hospital in Los Angeles where I visited children with handicaps, terminally ill, burn victims, etc. I was amazed how resilient the children were in spite of their condition when someone gives attention and love to them! This will remind you that the beauty of us ~~ is inside, especially  when sitting with the burn victims. This took me to another place of strength for my spirituality. Giving your help to others is not only noble and unselfish, but it can stimulate your own worthiness and you see yourself as a productive human on this planet. Those issues which caused you consternation in your life and confused your spirit dissolve in the shower of love you gave to your fellow humans.


Some of you may say: "But Stephen, that is easy for you to say, you have not lived in my shoes and felt the pain I have."

Trust me, my fellow humans, while I do not intend to demean your pain and depression, if I can survive all that I have throughout my lifetime, with years of tears  and searching for anything that could distract from the pain I was feeling, ~~ I am sure all of you will also recover from the speed bumps in the road of life! It seems that I have lived at least three life times with different professions, each with periods of depression which I conquered.

I guarantee  you that no matter how severe your challenges are, there are people  on this planet who have much more to complain about then you and me. Lets hold on and appreciate what we do have!

Please watch this video and rethink your problems.

My dear fellow humans, the bottom line is, you have so much to be grateful for, focus on what you have. Remember opportunity can also be a possession. Many humans do not even have the gift of opportunity. You just have to grasp it!


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