Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Please take a moment from your busy day today and pray for Peace around the world regardless of where you are. Remember my post earlier in this blog that there is a thread that binds us all in this world, regardless of religious believe systems and traditions. This is in paraphrase; "do nothing to other living creatures that you would not want to have done to you"!

I will take more than a few moments of my work day today and sit among the hills in Westlake Village California and meditate on unity and Peace for the world!

As you get to know me you will conclude that I am all about PEACE, LOVE and LIGHT!  Without these very important elements in our life we are nothing. We will surly not survive as a human race without them. If in 2012 we still are destructive to each other the changes the earth is going through will not be our end, it will be  us who will the destructive force that may cause our end, not Mother Earth! 

Enjoy a Video inspired by John Lennon the champion for Peace on Earth! 

I will be shedding tears today for peace. I hope all of you will shed a tear or two!

I invite all of you to visit the International day of Peace web site at:

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