Friday, November 25, 2011


Today is Black Friday in the US. The name of this day says it all! The retailers know what "Hell" goes on this day, so they named this day  "BLACK FRIDAY", they promote it as if you were to miss it, you would not go to Heaven. 

Here in the US, the epitome of Capitalism in the world, and Mother of all materialism in the world where you can see bumper stickers on high profile vehicles which  say,  "The one who dies with the most toys wins"! OMG where are our priorities in life?

We have an unfortunate tradition forced upon us by retailers, the day after our Thanksgiving, when just about anything goes on sale for the entire day. Sometimes 24 hours, from midnight to midnight. This is called BLACK FRIDAY, ~~ since Thanksgiving is always the last Thursday of November. They decide to hit the public's pocketbook with a subliminal message. What would the Natives on the Serengeti think of us? Who then are more primitive humans? Just take a look at the image above!

This day is the day that can make or break retailers all over the US. In one of my previous posts in the category of "Holidays and Religions" I speak about how Mythology around the world has influenced the way we celebrate even the holiest of holidays such as Easter and Christmas. 

Retailers and greeting card companies all prefer the mythological Santa Clause version based on the Viking  God  "Odin"instead of the real story of the birth of baby Jesus. He does not bring enough profit. There is only so much you can make on Baby Jesus ~~deep breath~~ I remember while I was a priest, I would take walks in a nearby wilderness park for inspiration. Before reaching the area I observed a bumper sticker on a car that said "Happy Birthday Jesus". It was a breath of fresh air to distract from worldly possessions. I used it in my Christmas sermon that day in church.

We as Northern Americans have put so much stress on ourselves feeling the obligation of giving trinket gifts to our children that will barely last by the time school break is over. Going to parties and bringing a wrapped gift in spite of not having the finances to buy it.  People become more stressed and consequently eat more for comfort, spend more money than they have and the depression goes on and on. Have you heard, " Thank God the holidays are over" the day after New Years Day? 

How do I deal with Black Friday you ask? Well ~~ first and foremost I am here writing to you instead of taking my bushwhacker to clear the isles in the stores. Believe it or not patrons actually fight for things other people want. Will I go shopping? Maybe some cards for my children. This year will be challenging. I know I will give the gifts that keep on giving and they are free. I do not have to experience Black Friday. I buy my gifts from the heart store. Gifts that can be taken to the after life. LOVE, COMPASSION, HARMONY AND PEACE!

I simply refuse to be part of the gift giving jungle!

Remember to give the gifts that cannot be seen and can be  taken to the afterlife! LOVE, PEACE HARMONY AND  COMPASSION!


This just in ~~ A female shopper (not that it matters, male or female) used pepper spray on fellow shoppers at a Walmart store here locally on "Black Friday". Fourteen victims received injuries. So~~ Black Friday is the perfect name for a shopping nightmare for the Holidays. 

I think I will shop with the natives on the Serengeti where the main item for the holidays is some good rain for Mother Earth and treats of nourishment she will provide for the party! 

At least I will not have to deal with pepper spray from others in the tribe. At last ~~ real civilization! 

Added November 28, 2011

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  1. well black friday isnt all bad. of course there is so much chaos and confusion,but u get stuff like ipad and imac 60% off. just kidding. 7 chakras Meditation


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