Monday, November 28, 2011


Santider Sartaj is an Indian Punjabi singer and poet. He is also a spiritualist. I have provided a link to his web site and encourage you to visit it.

There are many things  I love about the Eastern Indian people. First and foremost is their passion for life! It is expressed in dance, song and music and of coarse meditation. Their passion is both loud and silent. The primeval Tabla which are  drums played in the video below is another expression of beauty. 

All their ceremonies are conducted in bright colors such as weddings, etc.  I consulted with my Indian friends about the bright colors in their clothing when celebrating and Saravana, my dear Indian friend, informed me it is symbolic of being alive. 

Have you noticed after each Bollywood or main stream movie made in India, they also end it with dance and music.

Please view the video below in full screen to see the translation of the powerful words written by Santider Sartaj.

May we all embrace life in such beauty! Another energy sent to the universe for strength, harmony, peace love and unity!


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