Monday, February 20, 2012


If I had a church, it would  called World Peace and Unity. After all, ~~ is our "salvation" (in structured religions) also based on how we treat our fellow humans and living creatures? No matter how many "Hail Mary's" or how many "Jesus prayers" we say each day of our life, or Holy Communions we partake in, we must have Peace and Love in ourselves so that we can love and respect all life before one is "Saved". Or in my words ~~be in eternal positive energy in the afterlife. My Mantra is Peace, love, light and unity for all!

To me, ~~ music and song are the universal language. Regardless of where we live on this planet the beat of a drum or melodic sounds can inspire anyone, anywhere in the world without having to utter words in a language we grew up with and speak from our birth place. Music transcends worldly boundaries of communication.

Speaking for myself, while there are many conduits for spirituality, it is music that stimulates the spirit and soul! Music is a powerful one for me. Music with lyrics that are poetic hit me hard in my heart. I know that certain singers and song writers mean much more than they did when I was a child and evolving. I have a much greater appreciation and respect for  those song writers and musicians. 

"Like family, we are tied to each other. This is what all good musicians understand." ~~""I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music."
~~ Quotes by Billy Joel ~~

I am going to share with you a beautiful video on the effort for world peace through music. I live very close to The Santa Monica promenade where one of the musicians who helped start "Playing for Change"  whose name is Roger Ridley who started this movement in Santa Monica. In speaking with him, he explained the movement and it tickled my senses. I could not wait for the movement  to spread around the world!

Here is the video:

Please click on the below visit the web site. See the magic they make with their love and dedication for world peace. Donate if you care to or have the ability to!

I pray daily with affirmations that produce positive energy for me, my beloved family and friends for my perceived to be enemies  and all living creatures.

Love and Peace to all! 

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