Friday, February 3, 2012


This post was inspired by a suicide last week not far from where I live at the cliffs of the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California. A 39 year old woman jumped to her death over 150 feet , down the cliffs. Unfortunately This area has been known  as the choice place for suicide. Very Ironic that such a beautiful environment for such a dark energy. It is almost as though one finds a place he feels tranquility for his last place on Earth to live his last minutes of life. To me it is a paradox as one would think that the beauty would inspire continued life on this planet. 

It is as if one gets totally disconnected with the beauty in this world  that surrounds him. He views it not as part of him, but something apart from him. Like he  feels no connection to this beauty. Not from a psychology viewpoint but from a spiritual one, I can say that depression is a result of disconnection from the world. With disconnection, comes apathy. When one stops caring for himself and life around him he enters into a dark abyss within. You stop loving yourself and when you stop loving yourself, you cannot love anyone or anything else on the planet.  One begins to feel no reason to be alive. 

When one feels no reason to live, one has no energy to deal with even the simplest challenges in life like paying bills. Cleaning the house, putting gas in the car, etc. These things seem to get in the way of one's comfort zone.

Some belief systems claim that taking one's life is the ultimate insult and sin man can commit against God. There are, however, many spiritualists, including myself who do not believe this is an "unforgivable sin". It is my opinion that there is no "punishment"  in the afterlife. Punishment is an earthly action. That is why many people claim that hell is experienced on Earth, not in the afterlife.

I have always believed that man creates his own hell on earth and when he passes over to the other side, he brings with him, his own darkness and negative energy. The parallel I give is like when you are a kid and do something wrong, like the church or your own conciseness, ~~ your mother says, "wait to your father hears what you did when he comes home" (the Creator, God). As you know or believe, your father loves you and wants the best for you. So when he comes home and is waiting for you at the end of the hall, it is you who creates the Apostasy  in Greek, ~~ Revolt, giving up a religious faith, ~~ distance.This could be your hell.

What I am trying to say is:  heaven and hell is inside you and you have the choice to experience the energy you choose. 

This is why it is so important that each morning when you wake up that you recite some of the following affirmations:

I love myself completely

Good opportunities come to me everyday

I can be completely fit and healthy

I can be happy

I can appreciate my life and all of it.

I forgive myself for mistakes

I have a wonderful relationship with my family and fellow man.

Everyday I move forward to achieve all my goals I set for myself. 

Citing these affirmations at the start of every day can prevent the loss of positive energy within  that can cause depression. Trust me when I say that with this beautiful alchemy created in depth's of our soul we can be one with all and when we stand near the edge of  the cliffs  we will be enveloped with Mother Earth's  grace and beauty and more inspiration will come to live a happy and loving and long life!

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