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This post was inspired by my sister (who also is a follower of this blog). She  sent me a video and story on the subject of reincarnation. I was in the middle of writing another post called " Pain of Body and soul"  which will be published after this one. I was drawn to re-focus on this subject.

Reincarnation has its roots in eastern  belief systems that have its beginnings from over 1,200 years ago, appearing during the Iron age in Greek and Indian Philosophies. The Hindus refer to this as Samsara which literally means "To wander across". It signifies that, in Indian thought, a person's life force does not pass on with the death of the body, but instead "wanders across". That is, the life force migrates to another time and body, where it continues to live. It is a belief system found predominately among Hinduism, Janism and Buddhism. Then, ~~  there are individuals from all religions who incorporate reincarnation as part of their belief system.
Though the major Christian denominations reject the concept of reincarnation, a large number of Christians profess the belief. In a survey by the Pew Forum in 2009, 24% of American Christians expressed a belief in reincarnation. In a 1981 Survey in Europe 31% of regular churchgoing Catholics expressed a belief in reincarnation

I believe my near death experience has influenced my life in so many ways. One of many revelations is that our energy continues on after we leave to the other side. 

While I feel it should not interfere with Christianity, here are some reasons why Christianity has a problem with it:

The following comes from:

"1). The idea of reincarnation has never been accepted by main stream Christianity because it undermines its basic tenets. First, it compromises God’s sovereignty over creation, transforming him into a helpless spectator of the human tragedy. But since he is sovereign and omnipotent over creation, There is no need for the impersonal law of karma and for reincarnation to play this role.

2). Belief in reincarnation may affect one’s understanding of morality and motivation for moral living. An extreme application of reincarnationist convictions could lead to adopting a detached stand to crime, theft and other social plagues. They could be considered nothing else but normal debts to be paid by their victims, which originated in previous lives.

3). Reincarnation represents a threat to the very essence of Christianity: the need for Christ’s redemptive sacrifice for our sins. If we are to pay for the consequences of our sins ourselves in future lives and attain salvation through our own efforts, the sacrifice of Christ becomes useless and absurd. It wouldn’t be the only way back to God, but only a stupid accident of history. In this case Christianity would be a mere form of Hindu Bhakti-Yoga."
I do believe in Karma and I believe that you do reap what you sow as quoted in the New Testament where it says in  Galatians 6,7, "A man reaps what he sows"

I could quote many passages in the Christian bible which provide hints of believing in reincarnation, the most famous of which has to do with John the Baptist. (1) Matthew 11,14 and 17,12-13, concerning the identity of John the Baptist; the identity of John the Baptist, supposed to be the reincarnation of the prophet Elijah.

There is so much I want to share on this topic. Know that there will be much more to come on reincarnation.

Please view this very fascinating video

I do wish that your wheel of life remains in positive energy both here and the after life.

Love and Peace to you

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