Monday, May 21, 2012


Those noble humans in the medical field often see nothing beyond a body in pain. They are shackled by conventional  training and remedies for the body. The treatment often ends there ~~~ ignoring the spirit. I am sure you have heard the saying ~~ " the Doctor has terrible bedside manners"! ~~ Probably more times  then not, ~~ especially in hospitals were Doctors are so stressed and have very little time to be " a friend" to the patient. 

In the movie based on the real Patch Adams, the bottom line message is: " indifference is the enemy, not death". The improvement of the Quality of life is what is what is important. Addressing the spirit of the patient is MOST important. The spirit needs attention also. I am sure you have heard when one asks about the condition of a loved one in the hospital . ~~ the answer can be ~~" He is in good spirits" , ~~ making no reference to the health issue to the body.

I have made reference in much earlier posts about my experiences in making the rounds in hospitals, especially in the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles California. I visited  the wards with burn victims and cancer patients. The most important affect I had on these beautiful children was a smile. I looked beyond the health issue and treated them as if their body were perfect, looking beyond the burn scares on their face as if they were non existent. Looking into their spirit and soul. Their smiles and expressions were priceless. In fact they helped me as much if not more than I helped them. 

There is medical evidence that laughing enhances the blood flow to the body's extremities and improves cardiovascular function. The chemistry of the body does change with laughter. It releases endorphins and other mood elevating and pain-killing chemicals. Laughter does boost the immune and helps the body heal diseases including but not limited to cancer cells as well as bacteria and infections. Being happy can be the best cure for all diseases. Perhaps that is why so many angry and dark humans can be so unhealthy.

Conclusion: Allow your spirit and that of others who have been distracted by negative energy to strive for  the humor in life and pursue that which tickles your spirit!

The following is a quote from Dr. Patch Adams:

"There is no hope for Human survival if we do not change to a loving world
There is no hope for rich people in the future, no hope for anybody if we do not make a world  whose values are compassion and Generosity."
  ~~ Patch Adams ~~

    Please view the two videos below from the movie   "Patch Adams" and feel the message it brings you!

Have you heard of Mind over matter? It is the same, ~~~ spirit over body. Let's take a dose of laughter! I just might consider walking around town wearing a red rubber nose.

Love and Light to ALL