Sunday, October 14, 2012


As we approach the All Saints Eve ~~~  aka Halloween, a deluge of Horror movies come out on possession, scary mass murders and mazes at theme parks with gory scenes and monsters jumping out of corners solely to give you a thrill!  ~~ as if this "turns you on". ~~ as though we dare to get scared by negative energies?

One fact you need to remember: Darkness, Evil, and the bad are real among humanity. Without darkness there would be no light. Darkness quantifies light. It is simply part of life. As nighttime is to daytime. 

The question is: Are humans born with the propensity for evil and bad? This is as issue which is the source of the doctrine of "original sin". Philosophers and Theologians have been debating this for centuries. 

The essence of this doctrine is that  Adam ate the apple given to him by the serpent when he was warned by God not to be tempted to eat it. He was punished by God, making him mortal and women experiencing pain in childbirth. ~~ It has been said because of Original Sin,  Humans are born with the propensity for evil and bad.  ~~ That humans must be taught to be good. Learn right from wrong in his culture. That humans innately are evil and do not have to be taught to be evil ~~ they just are. I do not subscribed totally to this doctrine. I must say that a child in the age of innocence (which is commonly acepted as age 12 and younger) may not be in the position to make choices. Note my previous post on raising children in spirituality.

What I do strongly believe in  ~~ is that evil is a choice beyond the age of innocence  and not forced upon you. Humans  have to be a willing host to be "possessed". as an adult. You have to open the door to evil. Possession is real! Trust me, I have been a participant in an exorcism of a man in the Greek Orthodox church. The experience is a lifetime trauma that one can never forget. 

As I have said in earlier posts about vortexes, your energy is magnified by Mother Earth, whether it is positive or negative. 

How do I celebrate Halloween? I try to watch the Halloween movie  each year which is a classic "The nightmare before Christmas" which is not a negative, scary story. 

I celebrate the entire month of October as a month of Harvest and thanking Mother Earth for the abundance of nourishment provided.

I suggest that our focus of attention during this time of the year be more on positive energies and parties geared to have fun, with games like bobbing for apples, etc. and dressing up as a non violent and dark character.    Inviting negativity in our life is not good for the children in the age of innocence or adults. I suggest you read my previous post in the category of "Holidays" on the tradition of costumes, etc. 

Be well in light and love! Enjoy the harvest season!


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