Thursday, November 1, 2012


Sometimes Mother Earth reminds us of her force and that she should never be taken for granite. 

New York city has always ~~ in many people's eyes ~~ symbolized the epitome of materialism, with it's high end clothing stores, the stock exchange, the former trade center and Twin Towers, etc. 

Never, I mean never believe that I feel the wrath of God punishes those who do not follow the right path as in the bible it notates in the book of Genesis about Sodom and Gomorrah. I do believe, however, that sometimes we need to be reminded of what really is important in life. Man destroys himself, not God.

Events like these allow you to see the good in people.  You see humans helping strangers and animals as though we are one family which I believe we should always view life as such. After a disaster of this magnitude is experience we more appreciate those things not seen and what is most important in life.  That our new BMW parked in the garage which caved in and destroyed it not as important as life itself. This includes life of all forms.

Please join with me in a prayer for those who have been challenged  and will be for some time to come. 

O Creator of all things, please receive our petition for those who are challenged from the elements forced upon them in New York and surrounding cities. May they be enlighten to release positive energy to all who feel  darkness from theses events. For those who have been sent to the afterlife and those who have survived them ~~ may their spirit and soul  show the path through the dark tunnel of life and their bright light illuminate the path to follow. My they feel strength to endure the pain, both in body and spirit. To embrace the love and light from fellow humans and animals. We are grateful for our health, love and Light which you have bestowed to us and the ability to help others who may less fortunate at this time.

Amen ~~ Aho!


  1. I wil pray for all people who are in pain, for all the animals who also lost their home, hope they rescued them and try to bring back with their owners if it is not possible help finding them a golden basket on another place.
    PPraying for all people who are victims, that they will not hurt too much and if they loodse their homes help inging them another one as soon as possible
    Praying for all the caregivers they may stay save so they can help more people and animals,

    Peace, Love and Light

    1. Thank you Diane, I felt your prayer deep inside me!

  2. This is so true.
    I pray that everything returns back to normal for all the people who were inflicted by this calamity.
    A special thanks to the volunteers and Firefighters.
    God bless you all.

    Best regards,


  3. What is sad is ~~ where the devastation was the most is where many of the heroes from 911 firefighters lived.

    God bless them!