Tuesday, March 26, 2013


With our recent event acknowledging Mother Earth with "Earth Hour" we could realize that our existence on this planet has been given to us by the the Great creator with a playground that can heal once we embrace it. If we open the door of our emotions to world and it's inhabitants we find that the strongest medicine is not from the pharmacy, but from Mother Earth. Yet, ~~ we are destructive to her and we abuse her which to the native people all over the world is blasphemy.  

Would you beat up your Doctor wearing a white coat and a stethoscope hanging around his neck?

Native Americans believe that not only does Mother Nature offer it's beauty, which soothes our soul but all her creations are their relatives. In the above Apache blessing the Native is speaking to his relatives.

I am even seeing commercials that reference families watching too much television and now with spring, it is time to visit our nature in and reconnect with her. The commercial has a band of animals pounding on the door and escorting the family out of the cement jungle into forests and streams. 

At least it would appear that we are slowly wakening to our roots not only for physical health , but also mental health and happiness. Get back to Mother nature and take deep breaths, clean oxygen  away from mankind's    poisonous smog. Breath with the trees and all life, while walking on natural trails, not cement sidewalks and streets. 

Love and light to you!


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