Friday, October 1, 2010

The affect of prayers

The act of praying is the moment when concentrated energy is enchanted. Remember, the energy already exists. All we do is bring it to the surface of our conciseness. We focus on the healing of a loved one, a cause, or a life force. This is for humans, animals and all living things on the planet.

Prayer does not have to be within a building, in a structured format such as a church, temple, mosque, etc. Prayer may be practiced in a car, in an airplane, on the public streets or in the privacy of your bedroom.

The affect of the prayer process is also very beneficial for the one praying. It makes one feel good inside. It affirms your belief in a higher source and it contributes to your own emotional security.

There are many conduits for prayers such as candles we might light, an icon that might be on your wall at home or in a church. There is no right or wrong conduit as long as the prayer is for the good, peace, love and unity of all things on our planet.

Some may pray as a daily or weekly routine. Or, ~~ at any spontaneous moment in our daily life. Focusing on the good of an individual, community or the world can make you a stronger person in life.  Your energy can be felt and it will be "contagious"! So~~ pray away my dears fellow humans and be part of a better world!

Be well in Love, Light and Peace!


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