Sunday, October 3, 2010


There may be an issue with the definition of "true Love". While I am certain of my emotional commitment, ~~  is there true love when the partner does not share the love at the same level? Can we be so bold that we  can quantify or question one's feelings even if there is no receiver? I am too much of a romantic to not believe that people fall in love regardless of the subject of that love. ~~ or to say~~ that if there is no sacred unity with the physical act then you are not truly in love. Regardless of the level of our love, we all strive for the consummation of our love. If we fall short on this goal, does this mean we did not truly love? 

I am the beautiful person I am because of all my relationships. There is a wisdom I developed from these relationships that we can all benefit from. You can learn a lesson of life with each relationship. That lesson can be as simple as never being with  a person who has so much baggage from the past, to as deep as an awakening of lost spirituality.


The termination of a relationship
No matter how bad the relationship was, severing that part of our life is very difficult to do. When you invest any level of emotion into another person and truly loved that person, for respect of human compassion, closure is necessary to move on. I will dare say, if both partners experienced true love together, closure is not something one has to ask for as the compassion that comes with true love automatically shifts into gear. There is (not to degrade love) an "exit interview" as when one is laid off from a job. This is a meeting that allows a question and answer session. In marriage this session may go on for days or weeks. Short of marriage there is an in- person "meeting". A time set aside to air out all the "shortcomings" of the relationship. You are deserving of knowing what "mistakes" were made and how you can avoid them in future relationships! We have to assume that for both, the mental state of mind is healthy. I have had such a relationship, actually with two women whose state of mind was not healthy and when this is the case, all bets are off! You cannot expect "normal" responses to any part of that relationship, let alone an "exit interview". 

As to pain from a failed relationship I can, with confidence, say that if your partner ends the relationship with an email and refuses a face to face as in an "exit interview", that person was never yours to begin with and you have lost nothing. The only thing more cold and cruel is a partner ending the relationship with a text message. In any case, never, I mean never allow yourself to feel you have failed. Life experiences happen for a purpose and they become part of who we are today. Experiencing cruelty and disappointments in our life is part of living. Knowing this, you can move on and consider pain as an antibiotic for the soul. When you survive the pain, the dosage of the "disease" (pain) you took on this makes your spirit and soul much stronger. It is almost like you welcomed the pain.

One always wishes that regardless of why a relationship ends, that the partner at least knew you and saw the good in you. 
Not all is lost when a relationship "fails". It was, is and always will be part of a bigger plan and this was the path you were meant to take, set forth by the energies of the universe. Do not lament over turns and bends in the road of life. Look at the experience as end of a chapter in your book of life and not the end of your life! Know that much more and greater things await for you around the bend of life. Our conciseness is sometimes limited as to why certain events happen which we may not understand. To elevate our conciseness, we must see the good in all and stop focusing on the negative. I HAVE and, ~~ I am the happiest I have ever been in my journey of life today!  You can also be in this bliss, regardless of your past, and present relationships. Always remain true in your love and your love will reappear stronger and deeper than ever before!

Be well in Love, Peace and Light!


  1. Thank you Stephen for love and good advise!

    Always your friend

    Little Mermaid

  2. You are most welcome and thank you for visiting and sharing!


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