Friday, October 15, 2010


Humans have a tendency to complain about what they do not have instead of their appreciation coming from what they do have.  I once experienced something I will never forget as a priest making the rounds, in the  Children hospital in Los Angeles, California. I went to the burn center and saw disfigured children who were smiling and their true beauty of their soul and spirit come out. It was hard to withhold the tears. No one complained about the little paper booties they had to wear on their feet while they were in the ward. Why you ask? ~~ Because there were also children there with no feet!

The above beautiful human, Nick Vojicic has been an incredible inspiration to children and adults. Below is a link to his web site!

Please click on the link below and see this powerful movie called: "Look at yourself after watching this movie". Make sure you have a tissue handy.

Please stop a moment and feel blessed that you see the sunrise each day and that you are vertical. Be thankful for your health and the love that surrounds you on a daily basis.



  1. Nick is amazing! I've seen his story before, finding myself uplifted by his spirit and determination to let everyone know they can achieve their dreams. Thank you Stephen for sharing it with us on your wonderful blog!
    ~ Blessings, peace & light ~
    Suzanne :)

  2. Love to connect with like-minded individuals. I just started a blog myself, please view it and follow if you'd like. Thank you and God bless:)

  3. ByDezin. Thank you for reflecting the love and beauty of life through this message and my blog site! What powerful positive energy this propels to the universe! Be well in love, light and peace!


  4. OMG this man is a pillar of strength. I will learn to look at life and my own disability in a nre and positive light. Thank you so much for sharing. :)


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