Wednesday, October 13, 2010


There are two major holy places in Greece, one called Agio Oros (Mount Athos) located in Northern Greece in Halkidiki and the other, METEROA in middle mainland. I have been to both. Mostly to Mount Athos while I was going to collage in Thessoloniki Greece. I visited Mount Athos many times. In my recent trip to Greece this past Summer I visited Meteroa and it is everything and more than advertised in this beautiful video. Here are a couple of photos I took while there this past summer:

When these monasteries were first built on these magnificent rocks it was intention of the monks to seclude themselves so they were out of reach of the public. At one time you could only get to the top of the rocks by a basket pulled up by monks at the monastery. Most of the monasteries were built around the 1,500 AD. It was relatively recent when steps were built for the public.

This is my sister in the foreground.

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