Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am a leader of a group on care2 called, "The Art of Communication". I have always believed that the loudest and most intense form of communication can be touch. This is one of the 5 greatest gifts the Creator has given us humans. The others being smell, sight, taste and hearing.

This is not just true among humans, but animals also and more so between animals. Between humans and animals. After all, we are all one!

In American it seems like just a hand shake is as warm as a greeting might be. In Europe, especially in Greece, where I lived for 6 years, men greet each other with kisses, cheek to cheek and sometimes with a big bear hug. Are we too macho in American to be hugging man and man or even kissing each other on the cheek? I recall on more than one occasion when I went to hug a male family member goodbye or hello, the family member was a little taken back. Be assured that if you are my friend, be prepared for some hugging, man or woman.

Touching communicates some many different messages, i.e. reverence is given to priests by kissing their hand when you greet him or her.

The act of touching as a form of communication since the existence of mankind. I am a very touchy-feely person. The occasion can be in celebration of a happy event, an act of consoling your fellow human for pain or just showing you care and love.

Be well my dear fellow humans. Hug away and do not be afraid to kiss a friendly kiss. The imprint you leave on that human will touch his soul!

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