Monday, October 11, 2010


I am blind to color, size and shape of my fellow humans' shell in which their beautiful soul and spirit inhabit. I feel their spirit reaching out for unity. I feel their energy of love. 

 I am a student of life. The more I know, the more I realize I have to learn. Every day I awaken to a prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings I receive from the higher source. Thankful for what I have, no regrets for what I do not have.The world can be your canvass. You can paint your  life as you feel inside.
My passion is deep and my soul often caresses my face with tears, not from pain, but from joy that I have made a connection with an energy of life. The power of a smile or a simple gesture of kindness nourishes my garden of life. My treasures are my love, smiles, kindness and soulful communication either from music, writings of poetry and inspiration or images. 

My greatest happiness in life comes from giving and someone receiving my gift. To be witnessed as a fellow traveler in this journey called life on Mother Earth is the greatest compliment one can receive. If I have touched the heart of one fellow human while on the train of life I am blessed!

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