Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Some people go to a place of worship every Sunday, some on Saturdays others on Mondays ---. A day has been set aside for the liturgy that will be heard but not always felt. The building becomes a symbol, a place of sanctuary. For many,  peace and tranquility is gained from this experience inside this building. I know and understand this form of religious conviction. I was once a priest who was very good at what a priest does. Thus, I will never sit in judgment of others who may not share in my religiosity.

For me, as I have evolved, the earth is my church. I do not have certain days of worship as I experience  my religion on a daily basis. I am surrounded by my church everywhere I go.  I praise the  "miracle"  of life with each  breath I take.  Life , not just limited to humans but to all living creatures.  I show respect and honor all. There is a Lakota Indian prayer called " Mitakuye Oyasin" which means "we are all related". It is a petition to God on behalf of everyone and everything on Earth for peace and unity. It is a positive energy that is sent to the entire plane for strength and awareness.

The breath of Zeus  beckons the thunder, lightening and winds which dance on Mother Earth's skirt, the beautiful plains of this planet. This is my ecclesiastical music.

My choir will be the sounds of silence or that from all living creatures.

As I tread upon Mother Earth's skirt I may kneel on her as a pew. My congregation may be the trees, water, flowers, my fellow man.

The sermon of the day is from the voice of my soul which  is to be kind, caring and compassionate to all living creatures on the planet!Emotions from Stephen July 2008

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