Monday, November 8, 2010


Pay it forward, as many may know was a movie in which Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment, the young boy, stared. Maybe some of you did not know that is was based on a real movement that was generated from a book written by Catherine Ryan Hyde called. "PAY IT FORWARD". 

The purpose of the book was to share real stories of random kindness.The affect it had inspired this movement of helping people with random kindness.

As to the movement, here is a link:

I would like you to visit the site and see the inspirational movie called "people like you".

The concept of three good deeds for a stranger and requesting the receiver do the same for three other people in appreciation.

The movie was incredible! I have not posted the video for the movie, but I highly recommend you all see it. Watch some of the you-tube videos to get an idea of the beauty of this film, directed by Mimi Leder.


  1. Have seen and it is wonderful - thanks for sharing Stephen!

  2. Thank you Vallee! I was very tempted to post a video from the movie and decided that I did not want to turn this into a "Movie" blog. I use videos that teach and inspire us,~~ not that a video from this movie would not. I might still do that in the future.