Tuesday, November 9, 2010



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Sometimes we just have to sit under a tree, by a stream, at the ocean or any place where we can go back in time in our spirit and remember those precious moments in our life which make us who we are today.

I have added a poem from my profile on care2 which I feel says it all!



As we close in on our mortality we begin to reflect on our life and what we have accomplished and where we are going. Suddenly we realize a synopsis of key words and expressions describing and symbolizing our life.

These are mine:

my soul caresses me with tears~~imagine all the people ~~ the wind beneath my wings ~~ nothing in life is owned, it is borrowed~~ born free ~~ love me tender ~~ getting lost is an opportunity for a lesson in life ~~ stand by me ~~ love amidst chaos~~Thomas Newman~~the sounds of silence~~life is reflected in movies but movies do not always reflect life~~the fellowship of the rings~~Ennio Morricone~~the ink in my pen is the love I share~~events in my life are my shadows~~Kyrie Eleison~~steps to the Acropolis~~Climbing Meteroa ~~ Mount Athos ~~ Anam Cara~~I love the unseen and I feel the seen~~I am one with all~~a mother whose ashes have been spread in a rose garden.

Your reflections are like a paint brush and these key words and expressions are the colors used on your canvass of life!

Perhaps a mirror of your life may come from a fellow human, a tree, an animal. It is in these instances that we can reflect on our life! A fellow human and friend here on care2 has inspired me to create this post!

What colors do your paint brush use on your canvass of life?

Emotions from Stephen October 2010


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