Wednesday, November 3, 2010


In Peru we have the highest and deepest lake in the world. It is 13,000 feet above sea level. Under its waters are buried ancient civilizations and temples. Lake Titicaca is believed to harbor great spirituality.

As you may or may not, know there is a polar shift going on with our planet as we speak. This shift has and will have incredible affects on our planet. We are seeing many changes in our earth that are far beyond our control.

Astrologists say that all the planets will be in alignment on 2012 on December 21 at 11:11 AM, ~~ The date the Mayan calender comes to an end. Some Theologians and scientists say the earth will experience catastrophic nature disasters which could cause the end of mankind as we know it. 

In speaking with Mayan priests and following those who are "enlighten" there will be great changes from now until 2012 but they will be spiritual changes which will bring a unity of all living creatures on this planet. It will be a beautiful new world that I look forward to.

I believe we will experience Ecstasy! 

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