Friday, December 24, 2010


Breath is life! It is the most important treasure in our life. To breathe with ease and comfort requires good health. The next most important treasure in life. 

To hear the winds blowing through the trees from Mother Nature's breath or the voices from a Children Choir, or the words, "I love you" are in our treasure chest of life.

To taste that fruit which Mother Nature provides, the taste of Honey, the taste of life's nectar is in our treasure chest of life.

To touch  the water from the heavens, or feel the warmth from the touch from those who love us, and, ~~ yes, the pain that makes us stronger humans is in our treasure chest of life. 

To smell the heavens after a rainfall or Mother Nature's perfume from her neck, the rainbow from the heavens, to somewhere sacred on Mother Earth's skirt. Never to be found when chasing it to the its end, is in our treasure chest of life.

The sight of that rainbow of colors that tickle our spirit and soul. Or the smile from a sick child. Or that from a wagging tail or meow of a happy animal whose purpose in life is to make you happy and give you company.

All our senses are possible because of our Pnevma, ~~ breath. 

For our New Year's Resolutions, we can wake up each day and thank the Great Spirit, our Creator, first for the breath, health and our 5 senses which make us feel alive!

I know I am blessed  and would not want to lose any of the treasures above which cost you nothing! Even a popper can afford them. In my bumble opinion, the most important treasures and gifts in life cost nothing!
Emotions from Stephen December 2010 

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