Sunday, December 26, 2010


Today, the day after Christmas, as I sit and reflect on the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas night, I have to ask myself, ~~ were we living in a fantasy world for a month? When money and health were compromised drastically because we convinced ourselves that we can jump unto the band wagon of celebration at all costs. Everyday routine was thrown out the window for a month. My clients were and still will be on a psychological vacation as work is set aside even until after New Years. Were we distracted by the jovial celebration which we may have justified breaking our routine of exercising, eating healthy, etc.

Today, the malls are more busy then before Christmas, with shoppers returning gifts they did not like and using their gift cards they got to take advantage of all the after Christmas bargains. Something I absolutely refuse to be a part of. None of this had anything with the birth of Jesus Christ.

I did have a wonderful Christmas with my siblings, and niece. We did our traditional power walk of  8-9 miles in the hills of Redlands, California. The gathering had little to do with gift exchanging, but rather, sharing love and our plans to hike the Kilimanjaro Mountain in Africa and doing a photo Safari in the Serengeti. ~~ My dream vacation. We had traveled to Greece together last summer.

It really hit home when one of my good care2 friends ("AnimalSpirit") reported that a Christmas day her niece was involved in a horrific automobile accident and was in serious condition. A prayer was sent and positive energy for strength to her and the family. 

Hopefully you have not lost yourselves in the romance of the holidays and you have kept focus of your the daily challenges we face in life.


  1. Hello Stephen, I'm here for the first time and I love your blogs. I only wish I could write better english,and discuss it with you.

    May the Spirit of Love be with you in these last days of 2010.


  2. That's one reason why I don't really celebrate the holidays but rather EVERY day!

  3. Elisabeth, You need not to worry about your English when communicating with me or on this site. What is important is the ability to communicate your feelings and not worry about grammar, etc. You can also send me a personal message at my email which is:

    May you be well in LOVE, PEACE and LIGHT!

  4. Vallee, I know your spirit and soul and I am not surprised in the least that you celebrate life everyday with gifts from the soul in your poetry and writings!

    Thank you for your mirror of my thoughts and belief!


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