Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Some of you who know me, know that I was involved in a very serious auto accident from which I could have died or worst yet, survived with no limbs, or brain power or be comatose. But, for a reason I believe is sacred, I am here with you to share in a divine purpose, not just for you, but, for all of humanity. 

As time passes from the day of my incident, it is becoming more and more evident that my purpose here on this planet is to help others and be a light source.

As my profile reveals, I am an Insurance investigator. My profession can involve accidents that involve fatalities. Two  days ago I interviewed a driver of a tractor, pulling a trailer, in other words an 18 wheeler. She is a mother of three children. To no fault of this driver of the 18 wheeler, a young boy on a motorcycle lost control on one of our busy freeways here in southern California and ended up under the wheels of the tractor and trailer and needless to say, was killed instantly.

My job that morning was to take her statement to solidify the favorable liability for her Insurance company.

The statement of facts was relatively simple and to the point until we got to the subject of the young boy's demise. This brought tears gushing from her eyes and she almost fainted from recalling the events. The officers who investigated   the case called her and asked if she would talk to the mother of the decedent young man and she agreed. The mother thanked her profusely and somehow achieved some closure. She knew that what happened was not from from negligence of someone else. Needless to say, our driver still feels guilty and was in deep pain as she has children of her own and transferred the mother's pain to herself.

At that moment, I took off my investigator's hat and put on my hat of compassion. I, a stranger / investigator hugged this woman in pain. I then proceeded to share my personal experience and how we may not know the reasons or purpose for certain events that take place in our life, but I assured her that someday it will be clear to her. One day she will wake up and experience a beautiful sensation with a new outlook on life.

The owner of the trucking company and  employer of the truck driver who was present,  took me aside and said that she has been burden with this since the day it happened and believes that  she will be able to move on with her life much easier now. He can see it in her eyes, ~~ the windows of her soul. He thanked me for being like an angel to her. Me, the Insurance investigator with the brief case and the digital recorder. 

Human angels can come with in many forms and dress. They are right next to you in your daily life. 

We all can be angels to our fellow humans. Remember to be there for one in pain and open your heart to those in need.


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