Monday, January 17, 2011


A totem can be the symbol of a tribe, clan, family or individual. Native American tradition provides that each individual is connected with nine different animals that will accompany each person through life, acting as guides. Different animal guides come in and out of our lives depending on the direction that we are headed and the tasks that need to be completed along our journey.

Native beliefs further explain that a totem animal is one that is with you for life, both in the physical and spiritual world. Though people may identify with different animal guides throughout their lifetimes, it is this one totem animal that acts as the main guardian spirit.

With this one animal a connection is shared, either through interest in the animal, characteristics, dreams, or other interaction.

This Animal Guide offers power and wisdom to the individual when they "communicate” with it, conveying their respect and trust. This does not necessarily mean that you actually pet or spend time with this animal, more that you are open to learning its lessons.

The above was extracted from the site "Legends of America"

The belief in Spirit animals reinforces the believe that we are ONE also with the animals walking this planet. Maybe some of you have seen the movie  " The  Golden Compass" based on the book written by Phillip Pullman called "northern Lights". You will see the Spirit animals following each human. 

In Native American traditions each of us can have multiple Spirit animals based on the personality traits of the human which may dictate which animals best depict that trait in that human. My animals are the Jaguar and the Beaver. 

Totems can be traced back to Greek Mythology. Totems are found in most ancient societies and religions. They can be incredible conduits as icons are to the Orthodox churches to some degree. 

What can your Spirit animal be for you?  

To see who your Spirit animal may be, here is a link to site that can guide you in this respect: Copy and paste this to your browser!


  1. How do you know, who are your 9 totem animals and who is the the main of them? Do you chose them
    yourself, depending on your sympathy?

  2. Hello Little Mermaid. Here is a link to a site that identifies the attributes of each animal and how you may be linked to that animal.

    Thank you Little mermaid for your query.

    Hope you find your spirit animal!


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