Monday, February 14, 2011


Darkness is part of life. The irony is,  that without darkness,  light cannot exist. In fact, without darkness there is no way to gauge the strength of your light. Character cannot be developed in calm seas. Our souls need to experience trials and tribulations to to evolve and to clear the path of life towards peace and strength and spirituality.

The enemies of Spiritual development are:  Apathy, Materialism and Indifference. The allies are Compassion, Love and allowing your inner light to shine.

Know yourself, see the shadows of your past. Doing this can direct you to the path of your future where you can be one's  lighthouse amidst  storms and darkness. 

As I gain more experience in life and acquire more wisdom, I realize that often in life we only understand the value of an emotion or spiritual treasure when we lose it, such as love. I recall the wisdom of one of my favorite poets,  Poet ~~ Khalil Gibran " Love does not know it's own depth until the hour of separation". 

Recently I watched a TV series about people who were clinically dead and returned to life. Numerous people with such experiences had one major experience in common. They realized that all the materialism in the world cannot give you true happiness. During their experience, none of them were thing about the house or car, they were leaving behind, they were thinking of family and love, etc.

They all believed they returned as they have some purpose they must fulfill before leaving this world. They also have no fear of death as they experienced a peaceful energy.

They would agree with me, about the allies and enemies of Spirituality as indicated above. They may not call it spirituality, but they certainly would call it treasures of the soul. Their attitude now is to help others, to be a light in the darkness of others.


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