Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I send to all ~~ an ancient Valentine card with the Greek God of Eros and Psyche (soul). Also known in Rome as Psyche and Cupid.  This sculpture is found in the Louvre museum in Paris which I have seen many times in my travels.

I have always believed that sacred unity evolves when two people who love each other spiritually, consummate their love  physically. 

There are three Greek words for love. They are Agapi, which means spiritual love, the love of sharing in spiritual gatherings.

Philos which means friends of. Example, The root words in Philosophy are (Philos ~~ friend)  (Sophia ~~ wisdom) In other words, the love for wisdom.

Eros which means the physical love or Erotic love. 

What a beautiful language!

As to the origins of Valentine's Day:

~~~~~The following comes from ~~~~~

February 14th & Juno Fructifier or Juno Februata:

The Romans celebrated a holiday on February 14th to honor Juno Fructifier, Queen of the Roman gods and goddesses as well as goddess of marriage. In one ritual, women would submit their names to a common box and men would each draw one out. These two would be a couple for the duration of the festival (and at times for the entire following year). Both rituals were designed to promote not only fertility, but also life generally. 

February 15th & Feast of Lupercalia:

On February 15, Romans celebrated Luperaclia, honoring Faunus, god of fertility. Men would go to a grotto dedicated to Lupercal, the wolf god, located at the foot of Palatine Hill and where Romans believed that the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, were suckled by a she-wolf. The men would sacrifice a goat, don its skin, and run around, hitting women with small whips, an act which was supposed to ensure fertility.

St. Valentine, Christian Priest:

According to one story, Roman emperor Claudius II imposed a ban on marriages because too many young men were dodging the draft by getting married (only single men had to enter the army). A Christian priest named Valentinus was caught performing secret marriages and sentenced to death. While awaiting execution, young lovers visited him with notes about how much better love is than war — the first “valentines.” The execution occurred in 269 CE on February 14th.

To be perfectly honest, Valentines is a celebration which is highly promoted by greeting card companies and candy stores. U.S. consumers, in 2009, spent an average of $102.50 on Valentine’s gifts and merchandise. Total spending on the holiday was expected to reach $14.7 BILLION. So ~~ another money making event steels from the true meaning of love between families, friends and soul mates that should be celebrated on a daily basis. 

The best Valentine message you can give does not cost a Penny. Hugs, kisses, terms of endearment and sharing your soul, spirit and heart ~~ every day of your life together.

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