Thursday, February 3, 2011


As I have said many times before, I am not political in the practical sense of the word nor am I religious. I profess to be Spiritual. It is like the quote of Gandhi, " God has no Religion". Unfortunately some religions are pure politics with rules and regulations that must be followed or you will go straight to "Hell". There is a quote from someone I cannot recall the name of. ~~ "To be religious is to be fearful of Death and Hell, ~~ to be Spiritual is to have already experienced  Hell and do not fear death."

Even in a country with so much Spirituality as India, there can be found inhumanity. One reason for the inspiration of this post is a current case involving A doctor Binayak Sen who for years has been a doctor for the poor. He is an Indian Pediatrician and a public care specialist and a human rights activist. He has been found guilty of of treason while fighting for Human Rights. The government claimed in the process of his fight for human rights he was guilty of being associated with a banned organization against the government. He has been sentenced for life in prison. Amnesty International considers Dr. Sen to be a prisoner of Conscience.

                                                    Doctor Sen transferred to prison

What would Gandhi do if he were alive today?

Does this sound like Nelson Mandela all over again?

Gandhi is the poster child for non violence. He has always promoted unity of all people and protested with fasting and prayer. Never with violence. Is it not a shame that he had become a victim of violence to really make his point? He was assassinated with three bullets to the chest.

It seems that other leaders for unity and humanity including but not limited to Martin Luther King Jr. also fell victim to violence.

Think about it for a moment. ~~~ More people have been killed in the name of religions than in any war on the planet.

Remember, Violence can also be verbal and can cause even more pain.

Be the religion you already have inside you. The door to your church is your heart and soul. If you need to take your inner church to a building, so be it. Just know that Kindness, love and compassion does not come from sitting or kneeling on a pew. No matter how many Holy Communions you take or liturgies you hear, you have to reach inside for your attributes that help your fellow humans be better and non violent creatures.

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