Saturday, February 5, 2011


While I have posted on the subject prior, I feel it is necessary to approach the art of forgiveness from a different angle. Yes, to forgive is to free your spirit and soul. It is a gift not only for others but more importantly, a gift to yourself. 

To add to that, please receive the following Spiritual wisdom: Failure to forgive creates an enormous negative energy that can be an infectious disease to your spirit and soul.

I cannot stress enough that holding grudges, resentment and anger towards your fellow human causes your soul's imprisonment more intense. It prevents the higher and more normal attributes like love, compassion and positive creativity.  

Believe me. I was guilty of this emotion, as bad as it gets. I allowed it to eat my spirit and soul. Just when I seemed to have bottomed out, I found myself. I then pulled my self from the doldrums of pure darkness.

I have now opened the cage and I am free. I now love and have compassion as never before. 

Do a self evaluation and see if any part of  your life as spurred ill feelings towards anyone. Then, commit to forgiveness and see how free you have become.

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