Saturday, March 12, 2011


Desire is the match that ignites the thoughts and dreams in life. What you desire is what you become. S0 ~~ be careful what you desire. If it is negative, you will become negative. Your desire is a blueprint of your spirit and soul. The point I am making is: If you want your life to change, believe in yourself first and do not come up with excuses why you cannot achieve your goals and dreams in life. Trust that the energy of your desire will open the doors in life that you must go through to achieve what you want. Thus, ~~ Do not procrastinate pursuit  for a better life.

Speaking for myself, many times I doubted my ability to achieve  certain tasks at both work and personal life. Some of my challenges seemed like climbing Mount Everest. At one time I had 101 excuses why I could not climb the mountain. Like, I am not in good condition, maybe too old, do not have the time, etc. Ridiculous! I now know that if you desire something enough and are WILLING to work hard at it, you will achieve it.

Please click on the link below to see an inspirational video on "Be Willing".

Be willing

It is time for you all to achieve your goals and live your dreams!


  1. "Your desire is a blueprint of your spirit and soul"

    Thank you Stephen, you are 1001% right!

  2. Thank you, my dear friend Stella! Be well, my friend and continue in your incredible journey from the depths of darkness to the heights of illumination!


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