Monday, March 14, 2011


The beautiful people of Japan have been challenged in body and soul with the recent events of Earth opening and the seas raging. Never has there been such devastation from our natural disasters. 10's of thousands of humans may have lost their lives. Who knows how many animals and pets have also perished in this disaster.  Just about every family in this corner of the world has been either affected one way or another by this catastrophe.  

In another post, shortly hereafter I will address humanity and the changes that have been occurring in our planet and what has and will become  since the big Tsunami  that hit India in 2004-2005. 

For now, lets collect our positive energy and open our hearts to the Japanese people and all those affected by these events. I do encourage comments with your own prayers, if you so desire.  

We pray to you, O Creator of all things that you provide the strength and and enlightenment to those in Japan and to all people on this planet who have been affected by these recent events. That we, as a single people of this planet work together in unity as is best for all mankind. We pray that even in this greatest time of darkness we will find reasons to be thankful and blessed for the smallest and not so small things in life. That maybe we will find a loved one who has survived. May our light shine the brightest in the hours of great darkness.



  1. Thank you Stephen for caring and all that you do!
    We have to love one another and come together as a planet!
    These extreme acts of nature are getting more and more frequent.
    Lets pray for anyone affected by this disaster, and all the people
    in Japan for God to give them hope, courage, and strength.
    God Bless everyone!!!!

  2. Thank you Stella, your compassion and faith have been heard and felt!

  3. We are one with mother earth, please be united in this crucial moments, to stop nuclear plants licking.
    Now, that is our 2nd day of daylight saving, please send our best energies to Middle East and Japan.
    Love to Mother Earth.
    For a green planet.

  4. A powerful energy to middle East and Japan, full of love from all the world.
    Arriving help to people in need.

  5. Thank you so much for the love and care you always have for the people around the world. I send my prayers to all people and animals in Japan, hope they have hope, courage, and strength.
    Blessings and One Love, Anne'Marie.

  6. Thank you Anne for your spiritual support. I know that those who are in need are felling your prayers.

  7. Thank you for this Stephen. My thoughts are even more with the 2 people who died with the explosion of the 3rd Reactor and with the safety of the animals in the air and sea where the nuclear water goes after having cooled down the Reactor as it has to go somewhere. I pray it won't go as far as America like they say it may.
    I hope the Japanese people will be safe from the radioactive air and water. I believe the Radioactivity will do more damage in years to come than will be thought of right now!
    I pray the people and animals still alive will stay safe!

  8. The following is a prayer one of my dear friends wrote and for some reason could post here. I told her I will post for her. So here it is:

    BLESSINGS and GRATITUDE to you my Dearest Stephen for this Prayer Request for our beloved friends and neighbors. I have read so much LOVE on your page that my Heart is not "quite" so heavy. I PRAY TO ALL GODS OF ALL RELIGIOUS and SPIRITUAL BELIEFS from the moment I awake. As you say, "Mitakuya Oyasin". Stephen your Heart is so huge. Your do so much and I cannot thank you enough for this message. As I was just listening to the news {and the news gets worse and worse every minute it seems}...well let me say I have a wee bit of HOPE that Universal Love will grow stronger and more powerful every second. Bless You for sending me this message. All my Love and Peace and Respect! Your LIGHT Shines and the difference you are making is a Blessing and powerful! Your true friend, SuSanne


    Thank you so much SuSanne, my you always be blessed with a kind and loving heart,


  9. Thank you Agnes for you beautiful energy you have sent to the animals and people of Japan!

  10. Dear Stephen, Hello! Thank you for caring and sharing, and for ALL that you do to help so many other blessed human beings and animals of our one Earth!! You are an inspiration to me. / Yes, ALL of the dear people and animals of Japan need our special prayers.......every Day. Prayers can and do accomplish, many gifts of Spiritual Healing, Love, Faith, Health, and Moral Support. / God bless you, always. Love, Light, and Peace, Cathy. xxx.