Friday, March 18, 2011


What really hit home for me as to the state of  the world's consciousness  is relative to the recent catastrophic events in Japan. I really do not watch television except for world information and movies. I refuse to watch T.V. series's. I do watch National Geographic, The history channel, etc.  OK, so I do watch the Lakers. Since the quake shook the foundation of life in Japan I had my attention riveted on CNN, BBC and any channel that was the most revealing as to the affects on humanity in that area of the world. Not too long before Japan, there was  New Zealand , prior to that,  Australia with the flooding in Queensland and Sandwiched in between these disasters were millions of dead fish and birds falling from the sky and fish swept onto the beaches of the world. Not to mention the Volcanoes, especially from Iceland which literally shut down air travel and affected the economy by billions of dollars.

After seeing the Japanese people crying for joy because  loved ones were re-united or for a loss of  family member then ~~ a TV commercial break came in  about creamy caramels candy and  the new Jaguars which "make your life complete and make you a happy driver on the roads. Make you feel like a road warrior." Where are our priorities in life?  In the meantime across the Pacific Ocean there are hundreds of thousands of people who would be happy to have a cup of clean water and find their loved ones.

Now I do not want to be known as "Chicken Little", running through the streets and yelling out, "The Sky is falling" the Sky is falling". The earth's poles are shifting which causes all kinds of affects in our daily life, mostly noticeable in extreme weather changes. Scientists are discovering that the shift is accelerating at a rate never seen before. They are estimating that by 2012 the degree of shift can be at least 40% which will have a major affect on the planet's surface. The shift is causing interference with the magnetism of the earth's balance. Thus ~~ the affect on water and air animals can cause them to lose their sense of direction and can die as what we have already seen.

Please do not misunderstand me. I do not feel December 12th 2012 at 11:11  will be Domesday for humanity. It will not be our planet which will destroy us, it will be us who can destroy us with nuclear reactors, wars, greed, etc. I  do believe if you lose sight of your spirituality you may not survive the changes we have been experiencing since 2004 with the Indian Tsunami. I have been studying 2012 for 7 years now, long before the movie and most people who never heard of it. I have already developed a sense of peace and belief that with my spirituality I can be very blessed by the changes we will see soon.

Those who are focused on the true treasures of life will embrace the new world and new beginning which may happen on 2012 or later. In the meantime, your faith will be tested even more often as time goes on.

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