Sunday, March 6, 2011


A spiritual and beautiful friend  from Mozambique recently lost her 10 year old Irish Setter, whose name was Castanha. This friend frequently visits this blog and Requested some wisdom in dealing with her loss of a dear family member.  She attached a quote from  H.D. Lawrence, a beautiful English Poet.

“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.”

This quote inspires the realization that animals do not have egos as humans. They do not have to compensate for what we might perceived by us humans as shortcomings. They do not have an inferiority complex. They do not feel inadequacy, or that they are deprived of anything. Thus ~~ they never feel sorry for themselves. Animals accept whatever life has to offer, whether good or bad. They simply deal with it and they may modify their life style if necessary. There is a video circulating on U-Tube of a dog with only hind  legs and it gets where it needs to go as though he had no handicap and appears very happy. We humans can learn so much from our extended family.

This why it is possible that animals can love unconditionally and humans need conditions because we have so many insecurities and some of us ~~
just simply said ~~ have huge egos. Some of us hold back and may never allow one in our heart.  I know of families who morn more for their animals than for the loss of a human family member. No surprise to me! 

Maybe this is why we humans feel such a loss as the love we once shared  which is difficult to find with humans is no longer. Even other animals in the family feel the loss. Such is the case with this friend. 

Know that the energy of your lost love is still with you. You will meet again. Please click the link below and cry with me in watching this wonderful video.

Zoe sa sas (Greek for "life to you") my sweet friend!


  1. Dear Stephen,
    Thank you for sharing your caring wisdom with me and others. I felt a supportive energy when I read your contemplations on the passing of our sweet Castanha. When I reflected further upon your input, I thought as follows: being able to love unconditionally requires us to have a dynamic tension between two otherwise contradicting elements: being “a self” (an individual) and at the same time being “part of others” (society and nature). If we succeed to balance those two units, it will lead to creation of an interconnected harmonious whole (the Universe at large). Thus, when we – as is the case in the present modern, materialistic world – exaggerate our focus on being an individual, we develop an ego incapable of including interconnections to others (society and nature) and we therefore decrease harmony of the whole (the Universe). Such an unbalanced individual may want to accumulate economic and material wealth in order to feel adequate. This may lead to bottomless greed and exploitation of others, in order to increase the feeling of adequacy. This individual cannot reach out and love others, he/she can only harm. Oppositely, when we create a balance between care for the self and at the same time embrace others, then we can let go of our inadequacies, our greed and material wants, and we can love the self and others unconditionally. This adaptation would improve us as human beings, make our societies caring, and it would restore natural health. The outcome is increased harmony in the Universe. Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, says that dogs always want to go for balance. They correct each other in order to establish balance. Trying out his method, I must agree with him. However, the idea of balance seems to be lost in modern people. We have the tendency to go for extremes. Here in Africa, I have never seen a wild animal being fat, whereas in the modern human world millions over-eat. Whenever something is good, we think more is better and we end up becoming greedy. We also do not have a system of correcting each other back into balance, like traditional societies had. Indeed, we found that Castanha was able to care for him self, while also loving us unconditionally. He adapted these seemingly contradictory energies. In my best opinion his balanced energy added to universal harmony. Regretfully modern society has taught us that human beings are superior to other animals. The consequence of this false belief is that our unbalanced perceptions lead us to abuse and exploit other animals, when in reality we have much to learn from them to heal our egos.

  2. Jytte, what an incredible insightful comment! I could not have said it better, as to the balance between the individual ~~ you and you, the part of all (society, the universe). Unfortunately our human egos cause us to be competitive with others. Instead of uniting with them. We want to be better than them. It is like a life long game.

    You may have seen bumper stickers on automobiles that say "who ever has the most toys when we die, wins". Promoting materialism and individuality. You usually see this on an expensive automobile. I am so sad for their misplacement in this in this world.

    This also explains why animals play such an important role in our life. They can be our teachers if we can only open up to them.

    Balance, Balance, Balance! The key word of the century! May we all achieve balance and make it part of our meditation!

    Again, thank you so much my dear friend. It is wonderful we humans can share our enlightenment so we can live in harmony and peace!

  3. Dear File Stephen,
    The "Pan metron ariston" the balance of soul and mind, the border between right and wrong was so beautifully stated by the ancient greeks believing that by this order someone would achieve the highest level of existence.
    Modern people will reach the spiritual balance and will be able to speak of a better world only when unconditional love for others,for animals,for nature will be their life goal. Then the human race is entitled to be called a civilized one, then we can be proud that our voyage in this world was not meaningless.

  4. Thank you so very much dear Stephen for your moral support! I am still very sad since my furry kid NINA is gone for 2 weeks now. -- I like here your page and I feel comforted in this time of so much pain I am going through. Thank you or the invitation. - Regina W. (AKA: ALPHA OFFLINE)

  5. It is my pleasure Regina to share in times of need and support!I am blessed to be here for that reason!

  6. Stephan ~
    Thank you so much for sharing this message with me. It truly makes me think about animals in a way I never have. They are who they are and are truely happy. Humans will never know this kind of true happiness within ourselves. I am truely blessed to have you as my friend. Thank you so very much Stephan.

  7. Kathy, We are all blessed by your mirror of my thoughts and love for our extended family!