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Who said there has to be a special occasion to celebrate in  life? Do we really wait for birthdays, a Bar Mitzvah, your first Holy Communion, Weddings, etc. before we celebrate? I feel sad for those who believe something positive and  significant has to happen before one celebrates. People who wait for each "occasion" to celebrate  diminish the value of waking up each day and are vertical to see another miracle of life with the symphony of the universe at  your pleasure. No one knows when he or she is leaving for the spirit world. I believe everyone wants to leave this world as the best and most happy person he can be. Not remembered as a sad grumpy person we all can be at times during our life. True happiness does not come from material things or wordily possessions. But from things that cannot be seen. Things that can only be felt.

The following are excerpts from a post in a beautiful blog at:

"Author and philosopher Bertrand Russell once wrote he was shocked to discover while visiting a primitive community of aboriginals that rather than being sympathetic to their plight he was, instead, quite jealous. He realized how envious he was becoming as he watched the way they danced with such freedom, such total abandon and rampant joy. They danced, he decided, as though they felt they were royalty, though none had crowns, save the ones they made themselves of leaves and flowers. But crowned or not, every woman danced as if she were a queen, and every man a king. 

They had no money and none of the finer things of life, Russell noted. No beautiful homes, no fancy cars, no ostentatious works of art hanging on the walls of their humble huts. And yet they danced in celebration of whatever it was they did have. They danced deep into the night and then fell upon the very ground on which they had danced and slept deeply and undisturbed, rising without complaint the next morning to return to their daily work. After working throughout the day, they then returned that evening, ready to celebrate again; ready and eager to dance once more. 

The following is a wonderful story on Celebration and happiness:

Be happy now instead. 

There was once a king who became outraged with his prime minister and ordered that he be put to death the next day. The prime minister was imprisoned in his own home, with round-the-clock guards stationed at each door and told he would be put to death at sunrise. To make certain the prime minister did not attempt an escape, the king also commanded that reports of the prime minister’s behavior be delivered each hour so the king could better determine whether or not an escape was being plotted. 

When the first report arrived an hour later telling him that the prime minister had invited all of his friends and family to his home for a celebration, the king was puzzled. Celebration! Celebrating what?! How can the man possibly be partying when he knows he is going to die tomorrow? the king wondered. Has he gone completely mad? 

An hour later, the king received another report letting him know the celebration was continuing and that the prime minister appeared to be having a wonderful time; dancing and singing and thoroughly enjoying himself. 

When another hour passed and again it was reported that the prime minister had made no attempt to escape but was, instead, having a marvelous time with his friends, the king could take it no more. Calling for his carriage, the king decided to see for himself what was going on. 

The king was shocked when the prime minister threw open the door and welcomed him. The man was absolutely radiating with joy and happiness. “Come in, your highness!” the prime minister cried. “What a blessing it is to have you here! This is my last night on earth and I am humbled and honored that you have come to help me celebrate it. Come, let us sing and dance. Tomorrow, I will be no more. So for tonight, let us live and love and laugh!” 

As the prime minister’s obvious joy washed over him, the king began to weep. Hugging the prime minister to him, he said, “ Do not concern yourself about tomorrow, my friend. You will live tomorrow and it is my hope that you will live for many, many years to come, for you have taught me a lesson more valuable than mine or any other kingdom in the world. I will be forever in your debt.” 

A happy, spiritual people found amidst materialism. Focus on what makes you truly happy in your heart and celebrate each day of life ~~ and maybe, just maybe you will leave this realm with a giant smile on your face!

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