Monday, March 21, 2011


I know from March 20, 2008 I experienced an awakening that has hurled me into a spiritual whirlwind that seems to be picking up speed instead of settling down. The 20th of March is when I experienced my rollover accident in Mexico ~~ from which I walked away, not completely unscathed but, miraculously after surgery to my head and a few months of soft tissue injury I am stronger mentally and physically then ever before. I could have died in that accident.

In 2007, before my accident a revelation came to me and I was told inwardly I need to change my life. This change had a drastic affect on my family and it changed it for ever. I had found a source of inspiration which catapulted me into another dimension where I believe I was at many years ago as a spiritual leader and had given it up. You might say that while in the hospital for four days in Mexico I had found the person in me that had been struggling to come out for years I remember standing outside the hospital with my beloved looking at the beautiful full moon and feeling so alive and I realized that something very special is waiting for me in life.

Watching this video really touched me. In fact there are a few signs I have already experienced and I know the other signs are just around the corner of my life. The light flashes at the corner of my left eye I have just started experiencing. In fact I was hesitate to share this as in the back of my head I am thinking the worst of what these "symptoms" might be. Seeing this video, I realize I am not alone!

I am suggesting that you look at yourself and see if you are allowing your spirituality to awaken and evolve so that others may be inspired to join in your Love and Light as you can be experiencing. If enough of us share, maybe, just maybe there will be world peace and unity and we are ready for all challenges in life.


  1. Thank you dear Stephen for encouraging words and thoughts and thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    Each one of us should be aware of signs in and around us...the fear is the worst enemy.
    However, I think the result is worthwhile our struggle against all kind of fears.
    I am trying to be open and trying to get ready to achieve the REAL ME.
    Love&Light to your Life dear Stephen,

  2. Thank you Rajna for your reflection. Remember faith and desire can overcome fear. Sessions of meditation will assist in becoming who you are inside. That might be a stroll in a park, mountains, Beach, wherever you can be among nature or just a quiet corner of your home or in the yard where you live, under the stars.

    Be well in Love and Light and thank you for sharing!


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